A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sit back. Relax. Watch the stars. If you'd like, draw some constellations.

Word prompts are provided as a creative aid.


Left mouse button: Draw lines between stars.
Right mouse button: Erase lines connected to stars.  Click on a star, or drag near one to see which line will be removed.
Right arrow key: Pass time more quickly, to give you more room if you've filled the screen.
ESC key: Reset the game to the main menu.

This game was made for TOJam in the course of one weekend.

If you manage to draw anything cool, send it to me on Twitter (@krdluzni).  I'm curious to see what people come up with.


stargazing-win.zip 14 MB
Version 5 Apr 28, 2019
Stargazing.zip 15 MB
Version 5 Apr 28, 2019
stargazing-linux.zip 16 MB
Version 5 Apr 28, 2019

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its super relaxing man. for those who enjoy watchin than playing it self, hope you enjoy my video below. this game is not to be play of course, its to enjoy, to relax your mind :D